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GP 2010 Item last sold: Including BOM components

Starting with the SQL view for last sale by customer and item by Victoria Yudin with a couple modifications.  I created some queries to recursively capture all of the components associated with the items sold as well and where they are … Continue reading

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Microsoft Connector V2 Upgrade GP 2010 to CRM 2011: Gotchas and Improvements

This connector version is a substantial improvement.  I will say that we are doing pretty basic integration, mostly OOB with a couple changes to the maps.  Nothing overly exciting. That is why it surprised me when we had issues with the previous … Continue reading

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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics: a little story about debugging

I have been able to resolve most of the issues by using the DynamicsWebServicesExceptionsConsole but this problem was even hosing up the exception logs “Cannot access the exception service. Verify that the configuration file exists and contains the correct path … Continue reading

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Connector for Dynamics: Getting things synced up

Before I run the initial sync in the connector I am going to ensure that the data is mapping to place we want.  we are currently using Scribe.  I am going to compare the mapping for scribe to the mapping … Continue reading

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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics: GP2010 to CRM 2011 just getting it set up

First off I needed to install the connector, but before I could begin I needed to install the Web Services for GP.  And the Web Services Runtime also had a list of requirements… Make sure you use the correct Install … Continue reading

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Dynamics GP 2010 Word Templates Tips

Couple things I have found that may save someone some time. Where is the data coming from? The data source for the word templates is the report writer report.  To bring in additional field from a modified report you will … Continue reading

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Dynamics GP 2010 Removing or changing access of existing users generic errors…

I have always been intrigued with the approach taken for the Dynamics GP security model.  It creates an actual sql user for each user that is added to the GP system.  This is  great for debugging or tracking what a … Continue reading

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