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Simple MVC 3.0 Razor EF4.1 Code first web app…but really still DB first

Start by downloading both MVC 3.0 and EF from Micrososoft Then Open VS2010 and create a new MVC3 project Now we Point to a db… right click on Models folder Add New and then select a EFdatamodel In … Continue reading

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VM houses VM snaps of Production complete DEV Environment

We are heavy users of VMs.  Infact 95% of our servers are on VMs.  The benefits an IT professional has with this technology are incredible.  Needing a complete Development environment I decided to leverage the technology of Virtual Machines… Ok here … Continue reading

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MVC jquery $.get vs $.ajax browser cache

From past blogs you will see that I am in the process of being a rogue developer.  Off on my own converting a dinosaur of an app to the latest greatest…which when I started was MVC. Ok just a bit Microsoft biased.  … Continue reading

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MVC jquery Cascading dropdowns or selectlist

This is one of those requirements that can so easily be over looked during initial requirement gathering.  Back in the day cascading or dependant selects were extremely cumbersome.  We could barely talk to the client once the server let go of the … Continue reading

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Rouge Development

Currently I am undertaking what I consider a note worthy application.  Trying desperately to complete an application with the latest advances before those advances become so quickly out dated.  I know I was a little slow to join the MVC shift.  … Continue reading

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