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sitefinity errors

Return code 0 when trying to save data.     run select base_id, * from TableOfContentThatWontSave where status = 1   In my case this was in the ecommerce products module.  I needed to find the products that had a status of … Continue reading

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GP 2010 Item last sold: Including BOM components

Starting with the SQL view for last sale by customer and item by Victoria Yudin with a couple modifications.  I created some queries to recursively capture all of the components associated with the items sold as well and where they are … Continue reading

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ClickDimensions: Fancy Formatting Forms

I do think Click Dimensions is a pretty good content style management tool for CRM 2011.  Although you are extremely limited in the formatting of forms.  The labels have to go on top of the text box, the submit button … Continue reading

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SSRS Special Date Stamp Format Name Changing Scheduled report: DTS package do your thing…

We have a requirement for the naming of a report to have a special date stamp format.  From everything I have found this seems an impossible task in SQL 2008 SSRS with out the help of a dts package. I am … Continue reading

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Dynamics Connector: The CrmReference mapping query returned no results for property

First I want to give a huge thanks to this blog: This blog had the exact solution to a problem that was difficult to diagnose and then finding a fix seemed near impossible. I have committed to using the Dynamics … Continue reading

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CRM 2011 Plugin causing “Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Xrm.Client” error

I know I am not the first person to come across this error.  I see a lot of solutions out there to resolve this error.  This is how I resolved this error. First for a little back story.  I have … Continue reading

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