ClickDimensions: Fancy Formatting Forms

I do think Click Dimensions is a pretty good content style management tool for CRM 2011.  Although you are extremely limited in the formatting of forms.  The labels have to go on top of the text box, the submit button has to go on the bottom of the form.  Specific styling can be near impossible.  Now I’m a developer and amazed at this being a tool used by marketing people that it is so limited in this way.  Marketing people are the first to want some really unusual formatting on just about everything.

This is how you do it.

When you have finished adding all the fields to your form.  click to embed.


When the embed screen comes up go to the link.  Then right click and copy all of the text out.  Then create an .htm file.  You can just use notepad for this and paste everything into it and save it with .htm instead of .txt


Go back into CRM  and create a landing page or something that will give access to the documents. Upload the .htm file.


Then add the link to the document to your landing page.

This link will then become the url for the customized form you have just created.  This keeps the actual form inside of click dimensions so it can be modified as needed and uploaded again, check to “Override if file exists”,  and will push out to the website it resides on.  If you make any changes to the web form, like change the confirmation text, add an action or anything you will need to update everything in the <form> tag.  There is posting information encrypted in there.

Here is my final form.  Not a ton of mods, but none of these could have been done with the traditional From web content inside of Click Dimensions.


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