Microsoft Connector V2 Upgrade GP 2010 to CRM 2011: Gotchas and Improvements

This connector version is a substantial improvement.  I will say that we are doing pretty basic integration, mostly OOB with a couple changes to the maps.  Nothing overly exciting. That is why it surprised me when we had issues with the previous connector.  The error that finally came across that i could not resolve was this

Inner Exception: The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message: There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter The InnerException message was ‘Maximum number of items that can be serialized or deserialized in an object graph is ‘65536’. Change the object graph or increase the MaxItemsInObjectGraph quota. ‘.  Please see InnerException for more details.

I scoured every config to find a place to make this change and nothing had any impact on the error.  I was able to determine what was causing the error.  On customers that have more than 1000 customer addresses.  Because I am planning to integrate sales orders and invoices this was a real issue.  Believe it or not we do have several customers with this being the case and they of course are the biggest customers we have. I posted to the forum and was told I needed to upgrade to V2 and because I was on Feature pack 6 it should go smoothly.  And it did with these few little things listed below.  The good news is this did in fact fix the error above.  YAY

So here is how the upgrade went

The first error I came to was the the server could not find the Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll when attempting to connect to the CRM service.  After checking and rechecking the crm server for the dll, I realized you have to install the WIF on your gp server that will be hosting the connector V2.  This was not an issue on the Connector feature pack 6. Once installed the error went a way and I was able to move on.

My GP server runs 2003  here is the download link

The authentication was just a little bit different for the new connector V2 adaptor for CRM 2011.  This time you do need the URL for the discovery URL.

If you have already imported the original ConnectorForMicrosoftDynamicsGp into CRM 2011 and this is an upgrade when you click on the configure the CRM utility in the connector it will error saying that there is already a unmanaged solution in your crm system and will not import it again.  Did not cause any issue.  Clicked OK and moved on.

You also HAVE to use a different integration account than the system administrator for your CRM.

Also I had said in a previous blog about the connector that I had to manually update the productnumber and inactivate the products. I have now determined why I have been having an issue with this.  When the configuration utility runs it appears to only update the current Active items.  Technically when you import your items before the new connector you were going to be bringing over all of the items both active and inactive.  When the connector tried to import one of the already inactive items it was met with…

[Sales Item to Product] has encountered an error while processing key [10090-02].
The value for productnumber already exists.

With Connector V2 you can now add a filter.  I will only be pulling over active items. In our GP system that is represented by the Discontinued Product Type.   The only problem this may pose is when items are updated to discontinued they will not integrate and there for will have to be manually updated in CRM.  We do not discontinue items often so this gives me time to find a better solution for the future.

CRM Picklist Sync tool when it can not connect it will still try to sync everything.  That is a bit annoying. I always pick a small entity to run the picklist utility on first that way if I fat finger the Credentials I do not have to wait for it to go through the whole process before I can enter the correct information.

On the form to enter the credentials for the Pick List Utility it says to use the system administrator account… that is not the account to use.  You need to use the same integration account you set up to run the configuration utility or it will get an error “Unable to contact CRM Metadata Soap Client.” which is exactly the problem but not very helpful considering this was not an issue with the previous version of the crm adaptor.

Well I hope this helps anyone else who is upgrading the Dynamics Connector V2.

Adding a new piece of info.

If you get your connector set up and then need to go through the configuration utility again.  For some reason I was getting an error saying that no organizations were found.

If restating the eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Integration Service does not work, try recycling the CRMApp Pool in the crm server.

If for some reason you are having an issue once you are able to connect to the organization and it seems to error out on every action.  You may need to restart the entire website too.


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2 Responses to Microsoft Connector V2 Upgrade GP 2010 to CRM 2011: Gotchas and Improvements

  1. Priyank says:

    I got my Pick List Utility error “Unable to contact…” resolved after reading the last paragraph.
    Thanks Dorothy


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