Connector for Dynamics: Getting things synced up

Before I run the initial sync in the connector I am going to ensure that the data is mapping to place we want.  we are currently using Scribe.  I am going to compare the mapping for scribe to the mapping in the connector.

I am also going to verify that we are syncing the same entities.

Starting with Customer to Accounts:
to get a nice view of what was being mapped I used the export tab and copied the information into excel to compare it to what I have from scribe. Looks pretty good, but I did notice that according the maps the Address fields all said they were not mapped.  So as soon as I started to mess with mapping those I started to get validation errors.  I cancelled out the changes and came back in.  I took a look at the transformation and apparently they are mapped like the export tab had indicated, but because it is being done programmatically it is not showing as mapped on the mapping tab.  This is all fine, but it is something I think is important to pass along.

It appears to automatically list fields that are on the form.  I am not trying to populate fields not on the form.  If you were I imagine you would need to add them to the form or manually add them to the map.

the next obstacle…In the Invoices Map if you are capturing data in the User Defined Fields they are listed with the same name.  Orders had them listed with more manageable names.

Once I was confident in my maps I started by running the Picklist Synchronization utility which ran perfect.  No issues.  I did choose to run each item individually initially and then I run all of the product ones together and they ran one right after the other.

There were a lot of changes to the data.  I did not see an “export” of the messages of data that were being updated.  I simply copied and pasted into a document for further review.

Next I tried to run my first map.   I have only done Customer to Account.  Because I was most concerned that the customizations I already had in the system would make the integration fail.  I was incorrect.  The system was set up perfectly.

I had one authentication issue I had to over come.  It was really me not following the directions completely.  I had forgotten the final

11. Select the Role Assignments node.
12. In the Add Role Assignments window, select Microsoft Dynamics Integration – Integrated Company from the Role list.
13. Click Add Windows Users and add the GP Integration account that you created in step 1.
14. Select the Select Individual Companies option.
15. Select each company that you plan to integrate.

I also added the security role for System Customizer for my integration user within CRM 2011.

After I made these two changes this error :

[Customer to Account] has encountered an error. Processing will be aborted. Insufficient authorization to perform this action.

I was getting from the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics went away and all contact records were synced up.

At this point I am confident that I can let go of scribe and change our GP to CRM integration tool to the Connector for Dynamics.

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