Connector for Microsoft Dynamics: Error ‘crmform.all.dynamics_isreadyforintegration.DataValue’ is null or not an object

So thankfully I am still not in production with CRM and I suppose I should get a slap on the hand for not testing CRM a little more after I imported the solution. As soon as I opened the a new contact record form I was greeted with this little nasty…

Also I remembered as I imported the solution I was not given the choice on

Select a customization option: 

 Select Maintain customizations if you are installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the first time. 

 Select Overwrite customizations if you are upgrading an existing ERP solution, or if you are upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. 

This is not a fresh install of CRM this is an upgrade from 4.0.  So I decided to import the solution again and it even said at the top that there was an update for the solution.  This time I was give the choice above.  Considering things were not working correctly I chose to Overwrite, which could have caused me a tremendous amount of work.

I go back to the form again, and still getting the error.  I do know that if a field is not on the page and it is getting called by JavaScript you will get that error.  So I open the customize form and found the field “Ready for Integration” in the list and sure enough it was not on the form.

At this point I just added the field.  Error went away.  I needed to do this on Both the account and contact form.  Maybe this will save someone else a little time if they come across this.

Also there was no need to import the solution again.  And I will also mention.  This did not remove any of my customizations to the form.  Everything stayed intact 😀

Still have not gotten to an actual integration yet…


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