MS CRM 2011: Upgrade Helpful tid bits

Settings menu upgraded and has “unknown” everywhere???
when I imported my CRM 4.0 db into CRM 2011 my settings menus had all of these  “Unknown”‘s all over the place in the settings menu.  I found this kb article

Then I found this… site map editor  much easier to use and you don’t have to mess with XML.

All I had to do was download the tool, connect to my server and load the site map.  It was pretty straight forward and very useful.

Finding 4.0 customizations and JavaScript:
CRM Documentation Generator, this is an addon for Excel and will generate all of the documentation including fields and  JavaScript mods for each entity.

Once you find your JavaScript that is failing here is a link to what you need to change

and here is a tool for those who don’t want to figure it out

Install VS2010 on your server:
 Yep that’s right install it.  For things like the ADX customer Portal and Plug in registration tool and manipulating XLM you will end up needing it so just install it.  I am still disappointed at the amount of things that you have “build” your self with this version of CRM.



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