Dynamics GP 2010 Word Templates Revealed

GP word templates: things you should know

I have worked with the word templates in GP a couple of times now.  Our company has not fully committed to the new functionality, mainly because I found them near impossible to modify.  Well now I know…

First the underlying formatting of the tables on the word templates is very important.

Second the book marks are also very important.

If you are like me I do a lot of “ill figure this out on my own” kind of work most of the time it is fairly intuitive.  Well not so much in this case because by default all of the information that makes “stuff” show up where it is supposed to is hidden by default.

So the first thing you need to do is click in the template.  (this is of course after you have selected one from the report template maintenance to modify) Then you need to find the Table Tools tab in the header ribbon of word.

Now this tab only shows up some of the time.  I like to think of it as a game that MS plays with me called find the functionality.  Sometimes I like to play this game other times I come close to punching my computer.  Well when you click on that tab you want to select the Layout tab under it.  Then all the way to the left you will see a button to display grid lines.  Click that.  Then you will see all of these hidden tables on the page.  This is where you text/data/anything has to be to show up when the word template is generated by GP.

For the bookmarks.  Go into the options of Word this is under the new little word icon at the top and then select options.  (another hide and seek game)  then click advanced then find the “show document content” section and check Show bookmarks

So after a ton of “try and fail” I found in the documentation that comes with GP2010 that you need a minimum of three book marks to make the word template give you data…




Also you have to make sure that the table that contain things like a grid of Items with a header and costs that you would find on any sales document make sure the rows that you want to be repeated are set to be repeated

When you are done modifying a template don’t forget to save it to a share of some kind where you can find it and go back into the Report template management window click the green plus sign and pull in the report again.  You can not have the report open in Word you will receive a generic error saying you can import this document.  If you are uploading a document that is already in the list with the same name it will ask if you want to overwrite it.

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