Dynamics GP 2010 “You dont have security privileges to…”

When you upgrade from any previous versions of GP to 10 or 2010 you will find that security is the biggest thing to change.  Many of my users panic when they see this message pop up.

I have found a quick way for me to decipher what permissions they are missing.  First it does involved access to your SQL server for GP and access to run SQL Server Profiler.  Profiler became my absolutely bff when I started doing heavy GP support.  Because all of the users actually have their own SQL login it is easy to isolate SQL activity that is happening for just that user.

So the first thing I do is fire up Profiler and adjust the column filters for the Login of the user that I plan on watching.  Then I tell them to hit the button or link or window or what ever keeps giving them the error message.  But do not click the “ok” button.  When that error dsiplays the last SQL message you see in Profiler should look like this

zDP_SY10000SS_1 ‘USERSID’,2,0,123,2



With that information I run this query in SQL:

select * from SY10700 where DICTID = 0  and SECURITYID = 123

This will give me a list like this

In this case I could choose from either the Admin_company_001 task or the Admin_payrl_001 task to give the appropriate access.  This is security so you can also just use this as a guide to find the actual item you are missing.  Sometimes I will find they just need access to the task or I will find it just helps me find the particular permission they are missing and I can add that to a task they currently have.

There is a ton of information about security out there. You can find queries that will tell you everything that each user has access to.  You will find once you fill the SY09400 with data you can get a ton of information from there as well, but for me when time is of the essence and I need to get that user the correct permissions I have found this is the fastest way for me.

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2 Responses to Dynamics GP 2010 “You dont have security privileges to…”

  1. Béat BUCHER says:

    Hi Dorothy,
    I know this comment may come very late into the picture, considering the post was published last year :-), but nonetheless, I came across it by searching stuff about GP security. Here are my two cents: have you tried the Support Debugging Tool for Dynamics GP ? it is available from your MBS partner (because it’s an internal MS tool) and is free ! it was written and is maintained by David Musgrave, a support engineer at Microsoft Asia Pacific in Perth.
    I enjoyed reading also your posts in the blog and will bookmark it for the future.
    Have a great time and hope to see you at Convergence 2012…


    • dorothyjarry says:

      Thank you for the comment. I am familiar with the support debugging tool, I actually use it to change the background color of forms for the different companies to better identify which company you are in. I did not realize I could use it to identify security issues. Thanks for the tip. And yes absolutely look forward to seeing you at convergence 2012… very excited to get to go again this year.


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