GP 9.0 to GP 2010 Upgrade Whew!

This was quite an upgrade in my opinion.  Coming from a development background I have always done small incremental upgrades and because I wrote the code I always knew what was going on.  Well with being a business systems architect (not official title) it was my responsiblity to upgrade us from gp 9 to gp 2010.  Yes we skipped a version.  I never went to 10. My partner and I agreed that we could easily move to the latest version or move to the latest version with the same amount of issues.

So this blog is not about how to do an upgrade.  I know how to the upgrade I did.  I took a lot of precautions.  One of my most favorite things is VMwear.  If you read my vm development enviroment blog, you will know that this upgrade actually started a looooooooonnnnnngggggg time ago as a test of a process for creating a development environment with snapshots of VMs. 

So here is the jist of it. We had modifications by another provider in vba code that wouldn’t compile.  We had scribe that was supposed to be upgraded to a new SQL and a complete upgrade of all apps and adaptors. I dwindled down to 4 3rd party softwares.  I have to admit, MS, has done what they can with the amount of places for people to “play” with GP.  The slightest change to a form can cause dramatic and costly problems. My goal is to get as close to all MS modules as possible. No more mods.  Well Mods that require some sort of install on all clients.  Ughhhh that was the hardest part of this upgrade.  you want to do a nice house cleaning while you upgrade.  No one wants to go through the trouble of upgrading a mod or third party no one uses. 

Here is where I ended up.  Scribe.  As much as we do not fully realize your potential for what we do here I really think the new eConnect or better yet SmartConnect will do your job way better.  And it will not require me to maintain a whole other server.  I have to say, I am hoping that after I install the triggers on GP that scribe just works with out having to upgrade everything just to get us through to jump over to eConnect and use the eConnector or Connector for the GP to CRM synchronization.  Well the ones I could not get rid of I installed.  But some of them are on their way out.  Reports should all be done with SSRS and would be fully compatible with GP.  Or we will be using the new smart builder mods for the rest of the reports.  I think I will blog about these later.  Some went really well and some required from a couple hours to almost a day of downtime.

The biggest change is the security of GP which is everything.  Even skipping a release we really only had to deal with security.  I redid the security in my VM dev environment and exported the tables just like I found on the article on customer source.  I will be much more specific at a later time, but I was able to do most of the import by simply copying in the records from sql into the other from the actual table.  SY10700 was the worst.  I did end up removing all records and pulling in all 8000+ we had from the dev VM.  It totally WORKED!!!  I had a snap shot fall back if needed. 

That brings me to VMs.  Becoming a virtual enviornment creates so many opportunities to make safe unimpactful upgrades.  I still had to do everything in the actual production environment with the right documentation this could be an almost full proof solution.  You could even macro test the whole system and have that scripted so it will run and test the whole system when modifications are made that have a full system impact.  I think I just thought of a new project and blog.

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