Convergence 2011

GREAT conference!  I have so many things to say about this conference.  The weekend started early.  I actually got to the conference and registered by 10:00 am on Sunday.  There were not many people there yet.  It was quiet.  I checked out the days events.  Realized there was no description of the sessions for Day One, just the titles everywhere.  So I used the little badge book.  Which became my bible by the end of the conference.  I only wish it had the speakers listed and the level of the session .  I was immediately conflicted GP or CRM.  Being a part of the CRMUG I felt I should do the CRM stuff, but I really wanted to start a local chapter of GPUG in my area.  So I went to the GPUG opening session. 

We were introduced to leaders of the UG.  Which is this entire side entity of its own.  Perfect for any DIY administrators.  The presentation was fun and insightful.  I felt very  engaged actually saw some things I plan to copy and use in a meeting some day.  Very clever representation of preparation and task proficiency.  Then there was an opportunity to confront the actual makers or decision makers for dynamics products.  It was a town hall format.  Very interesting question answer session.  

The next session was CRM unconference.  Pretty much walked into that one blind.  I had no idea what the session was on. Ended up being the best user group I have been to.  Which only tells me mine should be more like that.  I think the expert question answer session style of this conference is really what makes it so valuable.  Many of the session through out the entire conference were in that format.  These two speakers were great with the feedback and I really still do not know exactly what that session was for, but it was really informative.  Best practices and how to do this or that and why to do this instead of this other way.  And an almost comical discussion about C# and JavaScript.  I think I actually chuckled once. 

The First reception was at the aquarium and there was so much to see and so much to consume that I never made it through all of the entertainment for that evening.  It sounded like a different party from anyone I spoke with for the whole week. 

The second and third day conference will get this much detail in a later post.

I would like to just give a general impression of the rest, because it did kind of just swarm up, suck you in, fill your head and belly, and spit you back a few days later.  I think it is going to take me months to truly digest the whole experience.  I have a bag of goodies to share with the office, although I did eat most of the chocolate and candy.

I met so many people with so much information to share.  We were all there to make these systems work better for our colleagues.  Many times looking for ways to make things easier, less time-consuming, and the tricks and tips. 

The entertainment was a nice softening blow to the pillow at the end of these brain food filled days.  Every night there was more than one very well “put on” highlight.  I know I missed a ton of these little gems.  I did manage to catch the Paintjam.  Nuts! Amazing!  I have  video.  The flamingo lady at the front of the first reception and the U2 tribute band. 

I think that is a bit more than an overview.  I would like to post my magic pen notes.  If I had not constantly been told to not even try to take notes and keep up just wait for the decks I would have taken more notes.  May have even recorded a few sessions.  I almost recorded my very last distribution and manufacturing session.   I plan on fully taking advantage of the virtual sessions.  I feel like that is really the gift that keeps on giving from this conference! 

I forgot to mention the vendors.  I support many of these vendors yearly. There is always a vendor alley, or an expo of some kind for the vendors.  This particular vendor Expo was a lot like a fair or a circus.  Everyone trying to stand out so much that I could not pick anything out.  I did find a lot of interesting things and the products were interesting too.  Maybe a toy shop is a little more like the analogy I should go for.  A sensory overload.  I have to say I had a completely different sensory overload experience in the quiet library feel of the technical support and hands on labs.     

 Well that is the convergence 2011 overview.  I will post my magic pen notes and my  general thoughts on each speaker in the next week.

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