GP to CRM Scribe Failing

I have been working with Scribe to transfer data from GP to CRM for about a year now.  Prior to CRM I was using scribe to do the same thing with sales force. 

there are three things that I have found you need to keep close watch on. 

#1 MSMQ messages: Scribe relies heavily on MSMQ messages.  If you did not set up the server ensure that you are not dumping every succeeded message into the queues.  Also you may need to clean out the dead messages if you have a wide-spread failure of some kind.  We only push data to CRM from GP.  We were beginning a new initiative that required me to push the entire products catalog over more than once.  Before I knew it my queues were full of dead messages.  All data stopped transferring.  I stumbled around the server looking for these messages.  To help point you in the right direction.  They under the computer management > applications and services> Message Queuing.  You can also get to them through the Scribe Console.  I usually just purge at the source because the console is a bit of beast with unnecessary over head.

#2 “The job was terminated because the Message Processor is unresponsive” and Fatal error 325 occurred: Message processor:

I found the answer to this on the Scribe site.  This is actually not all that uncommon.  It did however have me quite stumped for a couple of hours.  To solve this you may have to increase the size of your message processor memory. 


DWORD: MaxMemeoryUsageEM, 600, Decimal
DWORD: MaxMemoryUsageMS, 600, Decimal

Then I restarted the server.  Problem solved and data is moving again.

#3 Tempdb is out of space:

This is one of those issues that can happen on any server.  Ultimately the solution is to simply shrink the database.  I am not sure if this should be an issue as often as it is.  I plan on looking into some how automating this so It does not sneak up on my as often as it does.

#4 Ok I lied.  It is not three it is four things that you can do  that may get your server pushing data again.

Anther regedit.


DWORD Value: ProcHangTimeout

Decimal 600

I guess we will see how long it takes for me to find a fifth thing to keep it running consistently.

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