CodeMash 2011 NoteWorthy

I am highly disappointed in the number of notes I took.  Some of them don’t even have a session assigned.  I did get the LifeScribe magic pen that should make taking notes in the future much easier.  It often seems like a futile effort when I know the notebook will get stashed away somewhere and I will never look at it again.  My other option has been to try to take notes on a laptop.  Another futile attempt considering I get distracted by having my laptop open and end up doing the “hunt peck” method of typing. 

So here they are: 

Cloud for unpredictable data growth
Amazon- largest cloud provider

Things to look up:

1st project – Encoding Farm

-takes 1 master file of  movie and makes it into a bunch for multiple downloads 

2nd project – Logs – Elastic map Reduce

– mostly used for quit ratios 

At this point Data is in both the cloud and in the data center. 

3rd project – streaming service back end

-everything that happens behind the play button

-bookmarking where you left off so you can play a movie one place and pick up where you left off somewhere else(ahh the things we take for granted)

 Last Moved the actual website.

 Netflis API

 fine grain webservices

-Leverage opensource java programs

-simpleD for noSQL – they must user robust code.  You can predict how your servers respond when they are in your own data center, but when they are in the cloud it is much more unpredictable.

 Netflix has also changed from a strict configuration management model to one that is less strict for each team.  This has less down time to the end user.

 AVRO Apache Binary Form Json – Evolves and is smart

-much better than Java Serialization

 AVRO in MemCached to save state and persist data

 Architecture went from a tangled  mess to a simple streamlined approach easily documented in a swim lane diagram.

So that was my block of notes from that session.  Probably not helpful at all and if you are really interested in this session here is a link to the actual session

I took the most notes in that session. It was the first one I went and then I think I just got lazy.

JQuery 102 was the next session I took notes in.

My favorite note of the session was the introduction the color #BADA55, its green.  And a nice lime green. 

$(this).closest  – takes you up the hierarchy stack

.live – no access to the attributes

.livequery – this gives you all the access

.ajaxSetup allows form global functions for ajax.

yep that is it for that one.  I do remember more from this session.  This was very informative and took some of the “magic” of jquery away, but that is a good thing.

Other random Notes taken:

Observable collection instead of Enumerable  – there is a speed improvement here.

Reactive Framework

Stream Insight

 In big bold letters : Move to SQL 2008 R2 and IIS7.  These notes must be from Marsmans session. 

Functional Programing for everyday .Net – I have that written down, but I am pretty sure that was the name of the session I was in. 


.AsParallel in PLINQ to pars out to multiple threads

LINQ moves them on one thread 

task parallel library

new task = task.factory.startNew() 

These do mean something to me.  And that is NoteWorthy. 

I may or may not actually do the Virtual Memory blog.  Not sure I can give any more on this conference.  Well worth it. Great Conference and I will see everyone next year hopefully presenting something.

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