CodeMash 2011 RAMerable

The sessions that standout in my memory:

The parallel programming – Jennifer Marsman. Loved the speaker for this one.  She was so excited about her talk. She had fantastic information.  I learned a ton about IIS7 and plan on moving my test server to it soon.  And then of course push that into production.

I also want to move to SQL2008 R2 which was not addressed in this session, but I remember making that statement in my head in that session.

She provided a great slide in her presentation with an nice little animation to explain the multi thread component.  Then proceeded to explain the differences between IIS6 and IIS7 with another little animation.  She continued to build on these slides all the way through the .asParallel api call on a list I believe.  (I need to look that up.)  I may actaully have notes on this. That may be why I can remember all of this.  The .asParallel allowed for you to multi task or multi thread your calls for an action that has to go to the server.  Now the big pitfall on this is the orderby.  Which is important in most lists, but in a situation where speed is the most important requirement over order this is a serious speed improvement.  I do plan on implementing this very soon, I am currently working on an application that this will improve dramatically.  I need to verify if you have any of this available in IIS6.  I would still want to upgrade IIS7 too.  I also need to verify if I need to upgrade the server to go to IIS7.  Ah the job of the infrastructure…or is this software.  That line gets blurred so often. Thank goodness for VMs.  All in all this was a most impressive session.  Not only was it informative, it is something I can implement right now.  It also made me come up with questions.  Which a lot of times just knowing what questions to ask can get you so much further.  And I learned stuff I didnt know before.  Things that WILL improve my aptitude for my job.  I imagine the more I review what I remember from this session in my head the more I will come up with other tid bits.  I also must note that I enjoyed her speaking so much I added her to my twitter.  I did not introduce myself.  I probably should have.  I will look for other times to see what she has to say.

netflix – Another great session and actually the first one I saw on the non pre-compiler day.  Not being the best planner. I was awwed by their slide of the swim lanes for their application.  I would love to ask, if that was done before or after the application was completed.  I have worked in both areas.  One where you determine all of your application actions and plan their every move and then hand it to a developers to build.  I have also seen that type of application built over time as you run through scenarios with your most basic components you continue to add new actions writing them or documenting them as you go and end up with that type of diagram.  I did not think of this question till after, way after.  I was going to ask a question and introduce myself here, but the crowd around him got big quick.  I was quite impressed with the knowledge I gained in this session.  I have new ways of looking at the entire set up of big applications now. Also the reasons for moving to the cloud as opposed to using a data center.  The take away on that one was.  Rate of growth being unpredictable.  They grew…they grew quick and ultimately it was the only thing that made sense.  I also found out that amazon really does sell EVERYTHING!

Codefirst – I am on pins and needles now for the RTM for this.  It was AWESOME!!!  Almost made up for missing oData.  This works with Entity Framework and utilizes the internal SQL Express that comes with Visual Studio to basically build your database from your code. Thus the name “CodeFirst”.  And then the database can be rebuilt over and over as you work through the needs of the application.  Of course once you get this into an environment where the database needs persistence you would not want to be recreating it and dumping the data all the time.  But this still seems like a great approach getting a jump start on an application. 

iOS pre- compiler both sessions – This was a great session to do something I hadn’t done before.  I wrote Objective C. I now have a big love/hate for Objective C.  I was upset when I was convinced real programmers only code in C# and gave up VB except for support.  So using every containerish thing on the key board to block out code was nuts.  I respect any programmer that does that one by choice.  Now intellsense would be a requirement if I were going to become an Objective C developer…a really good intellsense.  It was not a very good language for telling you missing syntax for the kind of syntax that was missing. It almost always told me I was missing a “;” when that was not the case I actually had “::” where I needed just “:”.  I know I used [] ; {} : ^ (which ^ I didn’t even know where was on the keyboard) and may have used <>  if we didn’t I would be surprised. I would have liked to have gotten through one of the little code chunks right the first time.  I fell behind some here and there, but was able to catch up and made a sweet little application that swapped images back and for.  And added changes to that action calls.  It was really good to get the hands on but I had to work on a MAC and I’m a PC. 

algorithms – Shawn Wallace did this session and all he did was make me realize I should have listened more in Calc.  My head still spins when you start adding more letters to a math equation than numbers.  This was a nice refresher and gave me huge insights on testing performance.  Some of those things that we as developers over look all the time.  When we get our solution we move on, but according to this session we should absolutely take the time to evaluate other solutions to the problem.  From his example we saw that you may have to make choices based on speed and accuracy.  You may not always be able to get both.

So that seems to be the extent of my RAM.  I have little bits of memory from all of the other sessions, but they are running together and I am not even sure I could tell you the name of the session with out looking.  It is barely with in my 48 hour time line and is now way more than 48hrs since the conference.

Next up NoteWorthy Session….

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