Codemash 2011 Overview

CodeMash 2011

Overview: I know I have at least a list of blogs from this conference. A blog on the notes that I took in the sessions.  It was not a lot, and  am now envious of all of those ipad/tablet  asset power holders.  Those session could be called “Note Worthy”. Another one of every session I can remember and tell something I remember and call them “Rememerable”  (my word, and have actually used it in day to day language).   I will then go over all of the ones that I marked in my session Droid App.  And those are called “Virtual Memories”. Might not be accurate to the ones I actually attended  I marked a bunch in every time slot. I could go with more technical names for my lists like Virtual memory, RAM, and DBase storage(your choice of method this one is a piece of paper those of you who attended one particular session you will know where that reference comes from.)   But I guess we will see what the titles become as I try over the next week to execute my action blog.  NO more tech speak.  It is just so darn fun.

First I would like to say that I now have goal of being capable of submitting to be a session leader next year.  I hope I come up with a better way to say that.  I had that at the beginning but it seems more suitable here after you read a little.

So the official statement is…I am adding to my list of goals that may be posted publicly at some point that I would like to be capable of being a session leader at the next CodeMash and submit an application or request or somehow be in the running.

I learned a tremendous amount.  I hope I can express that in all have to say, because it is also a great vendor opportunity.  (plug) 

  I have now been to a lot of conferences. This is my second to blog about.  I really enjoy conferences.  some things I would like to do next conference is REMEMBER CARDS!!! (thanks Iuedo loved those JITS) or/and have magic pen (get name), and of course tablet/ipad(hopefully tablet because ipads are only made by one company). I did pretty good with my social media skills.  I plan on trying to be more networky when I go to these. SWAG was impeccable!!!  11 shirts.  I plan on wearing one a day till I run out.

I am also going to use this as a post habit forming activity.  I want to post at least my “short term memory” blog in the next 48 hours and “note worthy” and “virtual memories” in the next week.  This is not intended to create a twice a week blog habit but just get me more in the habit of blog posting.  And to go absolutely against one of the Key note speakers by adding a deadline.  Because half of the fun of a doing this job for me is the deadline dropdead sometimes.  But you as a speaker and Technological Utopiatarian I respect all of the tips tricks techniques you enlightened me with.  I didn’t add a name.  It is one out of the four speakers.  Or were there five key notes.  Ill comment on that now.  I have to say it is a mark of a great conference if you get to listen to key note speakers at all meals provided.  Although only light respectful talking is aloud.

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