Dog Food 2010 Day 2

Day two was great too.  I have lost most motivation to actually write this blog.  I was very excited to go to work on Monday and start implementing all the new stuff that I found.  Then the swamp of existing projects loomed over me and I did not look up once all day.   I did however insist that I get upgraded to Office 2010 and it was agreed that will be done.  I cant wait to play around with power pivot and see what all I can do with it.  The reports were amazing. I just happened to take a oData session that will work hand in hand with power pivot.  The real kicker is that CRM can spit out oData streams that can be used to make power pivot spread sheets wtih reporting that can then be shared through Sharepoint.  Full circle solution.  Very Nice. 

By fault of wide spread cold out break I ended up in a Unified communication session about Lync.  Well that just looks amazing and working for an international company could provide a real money saver in the future.  No bites …Looks like it is not on the project list right now. 

Sharepoint was another hot topic.  Which is convenient since we just stood up a Sharepoint 2010 implementation that my counter part at work is heading. I have not done much with it, but now that I see what you can do, I cant wait till he is done implementing so I can start really implementing.  If I were to label my track it would probably be Sharepoint.  I did the most sessions on that. It really is quite an impressive application.  After all like all developers trying to recreate Sharepoint at some point or another I have to say job pretty well done.  I have used a few versions of Sharepoint, but I have never actually seen a company take full advantage of all of what this product has to offer.  Now I just sound like salesperson.  I am sure I will have posts about solutions I make in Sharepoint in my near future.  

How about we move to the final and last topic that was really drilled in our heads, and I have to admit I did only attend one session on.  Everything is in the cloud.  The cloud or shall we say the big hard drive in the sky that really exists in a whole bunch of servers every where that are finally all just connected and secure enough that we can take advantage of share hosting of really huge amounts of data.  They have all of there products prepped and ready to be released out into the cloud.  This is mostly old stale news for anyone who is religious about MS technology, but for me, I was impressed.  There a few solutions in the cloud to some challenges that I have been trying to work around for some time now.  I would love to get to see a real beta version, but the speaker didn’t even have access to it, so we will just say it is under strict lock and key.  If I am wrong hook me up. 

All in all this was a great conference.  Thank you to Dell for my “give mes”.  I will cherish them for as long as I can keep my children hands off of them. 

I will see you next year at Dog Food 2011 4. Sign up early it was sold out quick!

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