Rouge Development

Currently I am undertaking what I consider a note worthy application.  Trying desperately to complete an application with the latest advances before those advances become so quickly out dated.  I know I was a little slow to join the MVC shift.  I could not have been too far behind considering my first MVC app was written on the beta version.  But here I am again having to get “up to speed”.  I have a great support network of a handful of developers, but work on my own as the sole Microsoft developer whom spends most time supporting MS Dynamics apps. 

 Back to the MVC app.  This is a rewrite of a grounds up app built in classic asp on sql 2000.  Holly cow yes this app was written at least 10 years ago.  This is an experiment mostly.

 So I am taking as many short cuts as possible because the intention of this app is to do some truely RAPID development!  So I started with some CSLA templates that allowed me to generate my models.

 Time stamp here: 1.7.2011

Application has been launched into our development and testing.  So far as time save, I have to say tons.  Especially for the really cool affects. 

 This application WAS very clunky.  There were a lot of pop up forms with confirmations and closes, of course no auto refresh.  This application WAS a classic asp app.  It has been transformed into a slick new MVC app with CSLA and jquery!

I was able to make amazing updates that were insanely difficult to do even by the best javascript expert back in early 2000s. 

 With ease I added tabs, drag and drop functionality, loading spinner, and of course some very cool transitions. 

I am waiting for feedback from my users.  I anticipate incredible time savings for the users.  From just the drag and drop alone, not to mention I also implemented inline forms that auto refresh the content on close. 

 It took a little longer than expected to complete,but I am very happy with the result.  I will update this post with user feedback.

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One Response to Rouge Development

  1. Alejandro Martinis says:

    Great to know it went smooth.
    I can relate to your phrase:Trying desperately to complete an application with the latest advances before those advances become so quickly out dated.”
    It seems the only thing that remains a constant in this business is “change”. it’s an exciting world to be a part of, but you always have to be so ready to ditch what you have learned and embrace the new trend, it’s scary sometimes.
    My younger son wants to follow this path. My only warning was: “be ready to study every day, even after you’ve received your degree. this is one of the most changing professions you can think of..”


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